K&B ran our Emergency Preparedness 1 course, introducing people to emergency prepping in a planned and thought out way. Our goal in this course is to get people the knowledge to make thought our plans for the threat events they face, in a manner that they can face them. This precludes cookie cutter or add-to-cart solutions designed for profit.

We also ran our first Emergency Preparedness 2 course, which focuses on get home bags, evac bags, and more. Like our first course, this is a reality-driven approach to building an emergency kit.

We were honored to have a full class for each of these courses, with both K&B alumni as well as new students. Our feedback has been very favorable, with comments including the planning system is well organized and methodical, the course material was complete and realistic, and the courses complimented each other and flowed well.

As always, we are honored to be a part of your training choices, whether it be personal protection, firearm proficiency, or preparedness.