While visiting some popular sites, I came across a post that depicted an old refrigerator being repurposed as a gun cabinet. The only thing that alarmed me more than the stupid idea was the chorus of approvers of this stupid idea.

Yes, there are many technical reasons this is dumb. No fire protection, minimal ventilation, no place left for the Guinness, etc. But, most importantly, no LOCKING MECHANISM.

In the words of some NRA training material, “Your gun is always somewhere.” This can sound trivial, but it is true. When the firearm is not in your hand, it is where you left it.  If that place is an unlocked refrigerator, it’s on you if the firearm is subject to unauthorized access.

 In a perfect world, we should be able to lay a million dollars on the kitchen table in front of a picture window with the doors unlocked, and no one would ever come take our money. We do not live in a perfect world.

When we own something that can inflict dire consequence, such as a firearm, it is our responsibility as gun owners to control access to the firearm such that dire consequence is not unjustly visited upon ourselves or others.

Controlling firearm access is the owner’s responsibility. Even when he is not present.

Refrigerators are not made to be tamper-proof. Concealment of an object is not a reasonable approach to controlled access. It remains the gun owner’s moral responsibility to ensure due diligence in securing the firearm. Leaving a gun in the car and getting broken into and gun stolen is partially the gun owner’s fault. Leaving a defense gun on the nightstand while at work is partially the gun owner’s fault. Just as leaving it under the bed is, just as leaving a concealed carry gun in a bathroom stall is. Yes, a crime was committed to gain access to it, but access was indeed obtained.

Only when due diligence is demonstrated does the gun owner start to absolve himself. A stout gun safe. A bedside biometric safe. A locked box with securing cable in the car. These begin to demonstrate that the gun owner took reasonable precautions at controlled access. If the gun is obtained through these securing means through determined and appreciable action, the gun owner can ethically state his firearms were secure.

The last thing a responsible gun owner wants is to learn his gun caused harm to innocent people. Start storing it that way.