This course is intended to introduce people new to the world of firearms a safe and measured exposure to best practices, safe handling, proper terminology, and basic understanding of handgun fundamentals. This course is taught in a respectful, stress free manner. Safety, student comfort and minimizing anxiety are primary objectives for the training environment. Trainees will earn a certificate of completion.


  • The rules of firearm safety.
  • Basic anatomy of modern handguns.
  • Basic anatomy of a cartridge.
  • Understanding of calibers and cartridge types.
  • Bullet types and their intended usage.
  • How handguns, magazines, and ammunition all work together.
  • Common malfunctions and how to safely address them.
  • Choosing the handgun right for you.
  • The legalities of handgun ownership and transport.
  • How to shoot. Stances, grips, etc.
  • Sight picture and alignment.
  • Firearm control (grip, hold, breath, trigger).
  • Range layout, rules, and what to expect from your first time shooting.
  • Range commands.
  • Actual shooting.


  • This class is 5-8 hours long.
  • There are approximately 3-5 hours of instruction and 2-3 hours of range time.


  • Before class, read and try to understand the 4 rules of firearm safety.
  • Note taking supplies
  • Snacks and drink necessary for an 8 hour class
  • Handgun (if you do not have a handgun, instructors can have one available for your use during the range portion of class. Email to make arrangements.)
  • Ammunition (100 rounds minimum). (Ammunition can be purchased for this class. See here for ordering.)
  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection
  • Your firearm’s manual.