100-round Ammo Pack


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NOTE: Due to market conditions, our ammunition supply is limited. This ammunition is ONLY for students enrolled in our classes so that they can TRAIN.

If you are enrolling or enrolled in one of our classes and, like many, cannot find ammunition, please feel free to add to cart. Yes, we know it’s expensive, that’s just the way it is now. We’re not making money off it. We will set aside your ammo pack so it is available for you when you train with us.

For some of our course, Keep and Bear LLC staff will provide a handgun that a trainee may access for the range portion of classes. We do this so that our students can learn about firearms before going out and making a firearm purchase of their own.

If you are attending class and will be using a K&B firearm (9×19 mm), and wish us to provide ammunition, please add this to your cart . The ammunition will be available to you during class and you may shoot up the entire 100 rounds.



  • Caliber: .380ACP, 9x19mm or .45ACP
  • Bullet: FMJ (range-intent loads).
  • Brand: unconstrained (we buy what’s on sale).
  • Quantity: 100 rounds.

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.380 ACP, 9x19mm, .45 ACP

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