Basic Module: Essential Handgun




Keep and Bear’s “Modular” training is intended for individual or small groups (up to 4 trainees) with focus on a specific topic. The sessions are scheduled between K&B staff and the trainee group, and is not an “open enrollment” class. Upon registration, K&B staff will work with the trainee group to find a suitable date/time for the session. When we discuss scheduling we will ensure your small group is grouped in a single available session. The price shown is for each trainee in the group.

This training module is perfect for the new shooter who wants their first steps with firearm training to be 1:1 with a dedicated instructor. It is ideally suited for higher anxiety individuals who may not do as well in a general class environment, or for individuals or small groups (up to 4 trainees) embarking on their firearms journey with specific skills desired, or anyone wanting to gain firearm familiarity at their pace and comfort level. This training is a slightly condensed version of our “Essential Handgun” class and includes some classroom and some range activities.



  • Before class, trainees should read and attempt to understand the 4 rules of firearm safety.
  • Read and understand the Introduction Packet sent upon registration.
  • Bring note taking supplies.
  • Bring clothing appropriate for the weather (outdoor range).
  • Bring snacks and hydration necessary for low to moderate activity.
  • A 22 LR pistol and ammunition will be available to trainees for use during the class. Trainees may bring their own handguns and ammunition if desired.