Bluegun Training Firearm


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Training is more than rounds downrange, and proper training includes firearm retention and the ability to draw under threat, obtaining the time and distance necessary to deploy the firearm without creating a situation where a fight over the gun can ensue.

The BlueGun is an excellent training option, and all protection trainees and practitioners should have one representing their duty sidearm.

All BlueGun training firearms are training-blue in color, and are unweighted. If you require a weighted version, please write to us at and we will see if our supplier can get it in.

All training guns are:

  • Made of impact-resistant polyurethane with steel reinforcing to prevent bending flexing
  • Serves as a realistic alternative to using live weapons in training situations
  • Approximates the handling and balance of a live weapon
  • Fabricated in Law Enforcement Blue

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