The following terms and conditions apply when purchasing a Keep and Bear, LLC product or class.


  • Customer: The individual who purchases and pays for a product or class. For instance, if a husband signs up his entire family (husband, wife, child), the husband is the “customer”.
  • Trainee: An individual who partakes in a class offering. For instance, if a husband signs up his entire family (husband, wife, child), the husband, the wife, and the child, are all “trainees”.


  • Customer is entitled to a 100% refund if he cannot attend a class he has purchased and trainees cannot attend if he cancels more than 2 weeks prior to the class.
  • Customer is entitled to a 50% refund if he or trainees cannot attend a class if he cancels two weeks or less prior to the class. (Keep and Bear, LLC has ordered training materials and secured range time on his behalf). In cases of emergency, customer will be given the option of attending a future offering of that class (up to one year) instead of taking the 50% loss. Keep and Bear, LLC are the sole determiners of what constitutes “an emergency”, and may ask for proof of the event claimed.
  • If customer/trainees do not communicate with Keep and Bear, LLC staff before the event and do not show up for class, there will be a 0% refund granted.
  • All product may be returned for 100% refund within 30 days. No refund after 30 days.

Expected Behavior

  • Matters of personal protection and firearm training are inherently dangerous.
  • All trainees will be required to sign a waiver before the training session commences.
  • Waiver will be made available prior to class if requested.
  • If a customer is enrolling multiple trainees, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure each trainee understands the waiver requirement.
  • Any trainee unwilling to sign a waiver will not be permitted to participate or watch a class. Trainees refusing to sign the waiver are not entitled to a refund.
  • All trainees are expected to behave in a safe manner.
  • Any behavior that is inappropriate or endangers any trainee, staff, or facility is grounds for expulsion from the class. Keep and Bear, LLC instructional cadre are the sole determiners of what constitutes inappropriate behavior. (Keep and Bear, LLC staff will attempt to correct unsafe behavior in regards to trainees unfamiliar with firearms or safety. We are here to learn. Purposeful disregard for safety will not be tolerated.)
  • Any trainee expelled from class for any reason is not entitled to a refund.