Prioritization and Anxiety Reduction

(Emergency Preparedness 1) Had my “end of the world” freakout pretty recently. I felt my back against a wall. I felt like I needed to do something immediately but didn’t know what to do or where to go and it almost drove me insane. I joined the Michigan preppers where I found Don and his course really helped me prioritize what I need to do and prep me in the mindset I need to be in if I truly want to survive. Now that I know where to start a lot of anxiety I had has been reduced. Don’t get me wrong the urgency is still there but now it’s towards things that are more immediate and important!

Logical and practical sense

I just took the Intermediate Handgun Course today. This would be the second training course I’ve taken with Keep and Bear. Don and Berge started off with a safety briefing which would echo and throughout the rest of the class. A lot of what was taught were things that build on top of each other and make a lot of logical and practical sense. Both Don and Berge were class acts and were both knowledgeable, experienced, and demonstrated all drills that were to be performed. I HIGHLY recommend taking this class if you’re a proficient shooter looking for additional skills and experience and I HIGHLY recommend working with these gentleman in any of their classes.

Zachary White

Tactical Tomahawk 1

I’m always looking for personal protection training that covers all areas of survival for myself as well as my students. Tactical Tomahawk was a perfect fit. In my opinion, it is the perfect accompaniment to Keep and Bear, LLC’s Emergency Preparedness classes. Students at Resolute Warrior Academy enjoyed it as did I.

Kimberly Ostrowski

Tactical Tomahawk 1

Keep and Bear’s Tactical Tomahawk 1 course is one of the best introductory hand weapon courses that I have ever taken part in. I have been studying weapon based martial arts since 2002 and instructing for over a decade at my own school, including assisting in the preparation and presentation of seminars of similar length. This course effectively and efficiently presents the subject matter and will give any student a better understanding of the possible uses of the tomahawk as a weapon. Donald Alley is a very skilled and knowledgeable instructor who is able to successfully communicate the drills and adjust for varying levels of student experience. This course has value to offer martial arts practitioners of all levels. For the price it is one of the better deals one will find in relation to both the quality of material and instruction.

Douglas Scholl, Instructor- Polaris Fellowship of Weapons Study

Can’t wait for the next one!

I have taken two classes with Keep and Bear, LLC. The training is thorough, relevant, and done with a high degree of professionalism. Prior to the class I had some knowledge of pistols, but after the classes I actually attained some wisdom and have confidence that I know how to protect myself, but most importantly how to do it safely while keeping all in mind. Thanks Berge and Don. Your classes are highly recommended! You guys aren’t boring, you made it fun and the day flew by. Can’t wait for the next one!

Theresa Arielle Lasivet

Walked away with a lot of information about planning and risk assessment

I had the opportunity a few weeks back to take a class with Keep and Bear. (Emergency Preparedness 1)

I thoroughly enjoyed the class and walked away with a lot of information about planning and risk assessment. You will develop a good understanding of critical thinking and how to apply it to evaluating risks.

For those looking for more information of classes head on over to

Looking forward to Emergency Preparedness 2.

Matthew Kirkpatrick

Excellent training and instruction!

I attended my second Keep and Bear, LLC firearm training session today. Excellent training and instruction! They took us through drills that addressed situations that commonly occur as well as how to deal with them smoothly and safely. Both instructors are knowledgeable and made sure safety was adhered to. Looking forward to the next class!

Kim Ostrowski

Renewed appreciation for continual training

Highly recommended!

The recent (intermediate pistol) training I received from Keep And Bear was exceptional! These guys are
truly committed to sharing their broad and varied backgrounds and experience.

Don and Berge both displayed their passion for transferring MEANINGFUL SKILLS by giving individualized
attention to every student while maintaining complete professionalism and safety throughout the day. Not only do they know HOW to instruct and train, they offer the practical REASONING behind the techniques and why they work! Good blend of instruction and practice/training opportunity.

I came away with much greater AWARENESS and CONFIDENCE in my own abilities, and a renewed

Thank you!

Steve P.

Great class

Great class whether you own a gun or its your first time. We had our teenage sons attend with us and it is an important experience to really hit home the importance of gun safety.

Michelle O'Connor-Snead

Emergency Preparedness 1-2

The courses were very thorough and informative! They answered a lot of my “what if” questions! The handouts are detailed and easy to understand! And I now feel ready to work on my own threat matrix and prepare for a potential emergency! I really appreciate the time you put into offering this course! I will put this very valuable knowledge to good use!

Barb C

Highly recommend NRA basic pistol safety with Keep and Bear!

The instructors were patient, knowledgeable and confident. They were very open to answering any and all questions pertaining to the course. I left with a wealth of knowledge and a good foundation with hands on capabilities. Highly recommend NRA basic pistol safety with Keep and Bear!

Candi Forster

Knowledgeable and patient

The instructors were very knowledgable and patient and the course material very thorough. The Basic Pistol Course provided a good foundation on the fundamentals of gun safety and ownership. I look forward to taking future courses with these instructors.

Kim O'Connor

Expert instruction and great fun.

I’ve fired thousands of rounds and was at one point very highly skilled and trained at pistol (and rifle) marksmanship. That was a long time ago and I have not kept those perishable skills current. I got a lot out of this and highly recommend it.
If you are interested in learning how to protect yourself and your family, I highly recommend Keep and Bear LLC.

Steven Beck
2nd Force Reconnaissance Company
2nd Surveillance, Reconnaissance, and Intelligence Group
2nd Marine Expeditionary Force
Fleet Marine Force – Atlantic
1991 – 1994

Steven Beck