Personal Protection (Armed and Unarmed)


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This hands-on class covers multiple facets of protection including situational awareness, instinctual responses, and nonphysical applications to preclude an encounter where protection is required. From there, physical force applications are instructed including striking, force multipliers (hand weapons), and using them to assist in strikes and escapes from common grabs and other grapples.

These applications are intended to result in escape from a controlling engagement so the defender can reassess the situation and act to prevent harm (usually by escaping, neutralizing with physical force, or creating the time and distance necessary to bring lethal force options to bear).


  • This class is intended for all people interested in learning self defense skills (age 14+)


  • Brighton, MI


  • Class is 1.5 hours of moderate exertion.
  • You will not be asked to push harder than you are able.
  • This course is taught in an informative and stress-free manner.
  • Trainees should wear clothing conducive to the activity (athletic-intent).
  • All jewelry shall be removed prior to class.
  • Recommend note taking supplies.
  • Recommend snacks and drink necessary for 1.5 hours moderate exertion.
  • (optional) Training Blue Gun and holster emulating your daily carry.


  • You are registered for this class upon payment.
  • Please contact Don Alley (734) 646-3584 or with any questions.
  • Cost is $40 for this session (1.5 hours of training).
  • Keep and Bear, LLC alumni (you’ve taken our Essential Handgun, Michigan CPL, Martial Gunfighting, Intermediate Handgun I or II) may take this class FREE. Use coupon code ‘K&B-Alumni’ when registering.

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13JUN2020 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM, 27SEP2020 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM


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